Services Provided:

1. Tech, Programming and Coding Mentor

Parents know that Technology, Programming and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Degrees are fast growing and will provide one of the best incomes and situations for their children.

Don’t know where to start? Your children don’t know where to start? Do you want to know about the different sub areas of technology? Want to know what it is like to be a Software Engineer or Developer?  Do you want your children to get motivated and start exploring this field?  Feel free to contact me and ask. I can talk to both parents and children.

2. Self-Learning, Online-Learning, and Coursera Mentor or Tutor

Would you like some help or clarification on technology or programming courses or would you like someone to give you projects and feedback so you can learn and be a better Programmer and Designer?  Feel free to contact me and ask.

 3. Professional Sounding Board, and Idea Consultant.

Do you have an idea or thought, or even a potential product? We can discuss your ideas and I can try my best to understand what you are trying to do, and I can provide potential enhancements, offer out of the box ideas, offer a unique point of view, and offer some feedback, analysis, and potential challenges.

4. No IT Technician / Geek Squad type of work

While I am open to different proposals, I do not plan to do IT Technician, or Geek Squad type of work including hard drive recovery, or fixing a broken monitor or graphics card. But we can still talk about your problems and I can see how I can help.


How Services Are Provided:

1. Paid Hourly Rate: Face to Face Consultations in the Silicon Valley, California area.

Once we agree over email, we can setup face to face consultations within the Silicon Valley region of California, minimum 2 hours, paid.  My commuting time to and from our meeting place will be part of the paid consultation time. Payment expected in cash immediately after the face to face consultation. You can also pay ahead of time by using Paypal.

2. Paid Email Discussions.

Contact me first for free. Once we agree to have an official paid email discussion, I’ll expect payment (Paypal) and we would continue to communicate over email.

About Me:

I am a Software Engineer and Developer with many years experience by day, and a freelance Tech Mentor after hours.

I have Computer Science degrees, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree from the Number One Computer Science School in the Nation, and the Number Six Computer Science University in the Nation.

US News and World Report Computer Science University Rankings.

I have also been a well rated teaching assistant in these universities, a lab assistant, and self-paced tutor, teaching technical subjects, handling office hours, and leading discussion sections with technical university students from top Computer Science schools as my students.

I love to learn and read about many different things, including history, sociology, psychology, finance, economics, business, marketing, the stock market, technology, demographics, and trends. I love to innovate, create, and think out of the box, explore, analyze, and play with ideas. I believe learning tech means doing, and creating projects for yourself to move forward.

Can you imagine having you and your children having a Tech Mentor with all this experience at a very reasonable rate?


1. Initial Face to Face Consultation (Minimum, 2 hours): $40 per hour

My commuting time to and from the meeting place is part of the paid consultation fee.

Contact me first (for free), and we can agree on the terms.

Cash payment can be paid in-person. If you want to use Paypal, this should be done ahead of time.

Any future consultations of future work, we can discuss.

Since I have a full-time Software Engineer job, I would only be able to consult after-hours or weekends.

2. Email Consultation: 

First, contact me for free, and I’ll let you know if I can help you or not.

Payment expected ahead of time using Paypal.

Rates will vary based on complexity and my time.

Very simple questions and discussions (taking ten minutes or less of my time): $10

More complicated discussions, with potential additional research (by me) will likely cost more. We can agree ahead of time.

I will limit my time per discussion, and if it’s about a separate subject, or if I take longer than planned, we can discuss an additional fee by email.


Contact Me:

Please contact me using the Contact Page.

I’ll try my best to respond when I am able to respond.

To try to distinguish between real humans and spam robots, please start the title and subject of your message with this phrase:


Thank you.



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